• Smoke Shack Meat Market, interior
  • Whole Grain Mustard jars
  • Smoked turkey sandwich

Smoke Shack Meat Market

About us

Smoke Shack Meat Market wants to foster a culture of supporting Texas Farmers and Ranchers enabling them to offer guests the best, freshest and highest quality of products available in the South Texas area.

​Owners Chris and Kate Conger, of the San Antonio, Texas Southern Kitchen BBQ restaurant and Food Truck “ The Smoke Shack”, and Live Music venue Soul-Full Sunday Brunch spot “The Pigpen Neighborhood Bar”, open a third sibling to their chain of establishments on August 10th, 2018. The new location, a local Meat Market and Butcher Shop aims to stand out by joining the “Slow Foods” movement, global advocacy that advances the concept of good, clean, and fair food by preserving traditional and regional cuisines that were becoming extinct and promoting the propagation of plants, seeds, and livestock of local ecosystems. With this mentality, the Smoke Shack Meat Market aims to give back more to local farmers in Texas by sourcing a majority of products locally. With the exception of cheeses and wines, products will be almost exclusively in Texas.